The agenda will be available from the DocDB pages.

The preliminary agenda:

- Monday   Oct 13   : NEMO3
AM: 10h00-12h30 : Sessions

PM: 14h00-18h00 : Sessions

- Tuesday  Oct 14   : SuperNEMO (day1)
AM:  9h00-12h30 : Sessions

PM: 14h00-18h00 : Sessions

- Wednesday Oct 15  : SuperNEMO (day2)
AM:  9h00-12h30 : Sessions

PM: 14h00-15h00 : Sessions

15h00-23h30 : Social event
15h15: departure from the collaboration meeting room:

Travel (by bus) to Bayeux city (30km from Caen)

  • 16h00: arrival in Bayeux (city center)
  • 16h00-17h30: visit the Bayeux Tapestry (
  • 17h30-19h00: free visits of the Cathedral and the Old Bayeux (the city was not destroyed in 1944)
  • 19h30-22h30: collaboration dinner at "Le Lion D'Or", gourmet restaurant
  • 22h30-23h00: back to Caen (by bus), arrival Caen city centre

- Thursday 0ct 16   : SuperNEMO (day3)
AM:  9h00-12h30 : Sessions

PM: 14h00-18h00?: Sessions

Friday Oct 17:

Slow control meeting at LPC Caen


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