NEMO3 / SuperNEMO International Collaboration Meeting, Caen 2014


The collaboration meeting will take place at the Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, Amphitheater S3-057, Campus 2 (near the LPC Caen) from Monday October 13th to Thursday October 16th, 2014.

Registration can be done using the Azur-Colloque web application (left panel on this page).
The registration fees are 65 €, including the coffee break, the lunch at the  university cafeteria (4 days) and other indirect costs. Payment can only be done by credit card for our foreign collaborators.
Bank transfer from CNRS labs is possible (and recommended) for french collaborators (see below).

The social event will consist in the visit of Bayeux Tapestry followed by the collaboration dinner in a gourmet restaurant also in Bayeux: Le Lion d'Or.
This implies an additional cost of 65 €, including the travel, the ticket for the Bayeux Tapestry Museum and the dinner. This option can be selected by any "participant" from the registration form.
Note also that you can specify special "Dietary requirements".

"Conference's choice" page:

  Select the "Registration" for the "NEMO" entry in the list of conferences.

"NEMO : Registration / Personal information" page:
  Fill all the requested informations
  then click on the Next button

"NEMO : Registration / DATE : (10/13/2014 - 10/16/2014)" page:

Please fill at least your Arrival and departure dates.
then click on the Next button

"NEMO» : Registration / Organization" page:

Fill and go "Next"

"NEMO : Registration / Payment" page:
case 1 : foreign collaborators or accompanying persons (for the social event), please check the  "You are paying the invoice" button.
case 2 : CNRS collaborators, please check "Someone else or a company pays" and fill the form with the informations of your lab.

"NEMO : Registration / Tarification page":

case 1 : as a member of the collaboration, you must select the "participant -> 65 EUR" category
         and possibly the "social event" check box (65 € more).
         Total cost will be 65€+65€=130€.
case 2 : as an accompanying person for the social event, you must register yourself separately
         with the "accompagnant social event -> 65 EUR" category.
         In this case, there is no need to select the socail event Check box.
         Total cost will be 65€.

Special message for CNRS collaborators :

Nous vous recommandons de bien vouloir procéder au paiement par virement bancaire pour l'ensemble des participants de votre groupe plutôt que le paiement par carte bancaire à titre individuel. Cela permettra de réaliser quelques économies.
Un bon de commande devra être édité par votre laboratoire.
Contacter Véronique, la secrétaire de cette manifestation, pour toute question technique.

«NEMO» : Registration / Payment Method page

Follow the instructions...

Should you meet some problems, have any question or need help, feel free to contact us:

- Véronique Devaux (secretary) : <devaux@lpccaen.in2p3.fr>
- Yves Lemière : <lemiere@lpccaen.in2p3.fr>
- François Mauger : <mauger@lpccaen.in2p3.fr>

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